3 reasons to wait1. It takes too much time.

All House Edge Digital team members have worked as employees at casino properties. We understand that when you bring up a new idea or concept your CEO says, “Great idea…implement it.” You’re already working 60 hours a week just to keep up with your current work load.

One of our core principles is to REDUCE the workload of our clients. Our services will reduce the amount of time you spend working. We are able to do this is because our executive team has over 25 years’ experience working inside your industry.

You’ll never have to explain the nuances of the casino business nor will you be working with a team of young folks just out of school. We have been increasing our clients’ revenues for three decades, while giving them more free time to enjoy their life.

2. It’s too complicated.

This could be true if you were responsible for learning the new technology news released daily. That’s our job Our Director of Digital Marketing read the equivalent of 93 books or 4.3 million words just keeping up with online technology and marketing articles in 2014.  That’s not including the several dozen books read by other team members in their own specialty areas.

What does this mean to you? It means that we do the work sorting out what tactics and strategies are going to work best for you and your property. It also means that we can do the complicated work, and you can focus on other things.


3. It’s too expensive.

I could remind you that email marketing is number one for marketing ROI. Or I could mention that your Email-ROI - House Edge Digital
website is the one employee that works 24/7/365. You don’t have to take my word for it. We have case study after case study correlating gaming revenue increases to our services. We only focus on the digital world because we can track ever single initiative to a bottom line gaming increase down to a single player.
We analyze every element for effectiveness. We can even correlate your social media program with your gaming revenues by tier, player or psycho graphic segmentation.
Screen-Shot-2014-05-21-at-9.07.12-AMWhen is the last time you knew exactly how much each one of your billboards increased play for a specific player or tier level? We can tell you more information about you database than you’ve ever known before. We’ll also tell which online advertising is producing positive results and which channels you may
consider eliminating.



We don’t sell advertising!

Rather, our expertise will enable you to

1  Save money by eliminating low performing campaigns.
2. Increase revenue by personalizing and targeting your customer segments in ways never before possible.
3. Build brand loyalty by getting to know your players on a personal level.

As a special offer for the holiday season we’re trying something we’ve never done before.
If we become partners for any of our premium services.
we’re going to include two free web applications.

House Edge Digital will include

The Online Sign up Manager:

Makes it simple for player club staff to lookup information from guests that signup online as well
as keeping track of what has (or has not) been done with each entry.


The Concert Ticket Comp Manager

Get rid of the shared excel file or hand written list of comp requests. Our Comp manager provides an easy way for the player development staff to submit ticket requests for their players.
This app allows management to then approve or decline the requests online. It also tracks inventory and keeps all staff informed of approvals, declines etc. via email.

We license each of these applications for $1200 per year.

BUT NOW until Jan 28th at 5pm if you order one of our premium services, we will include this $2400 bonus for FREE!

Why Jan 28th? It’s the last day of the Raving’s 17th Indian Gaming National Marketing Conference and we’d love to meet you there.

Beat the rush.  Start the conversation today.  If you have any questions about how we can save you money AND increase your revenue call or email today! The longer you wait the more money you continue to leave on the table.  Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. or simply email us at info@houseedgedigital.com