House Edge wanted to share a few of the newest Facebook social features that are perfect for savvy casino operators to increase profits.   Take a look at just some of these ideas:

Casino Player Targeting

Imagine – your players see messages/graphics/videos directed exclusively to them when they check their Facebook newsfeed.  These aren’t generic messages directed at the entire world.  These are messages designed exclusively for segments of your players.  For instance, remind your VIP players about a player development event.   Or why not congratulate anyone that won a jackpot that week.   How about acknowledging new members to your player’s club?  Remember that these are specific messages targeted down to the individual player.  In fact, compared to the average online reach of 38% for narrowly targeted traditional media campaigns, Facebook is 89% accurate.

What makes your Casino VIPs happy?

Think you know your VIPs?  Did you get your information from years ago when they signed up for their player’s card?  Or are you counting on your understaffed player development hosts to find out your players’ interests?   With Facebook, we can identify what makes your top players happy.  Interests are gathered from information on their timeline, keywords associated with pages they like, apps they use, ads they’ve clicked on etc.

Imagine, choosing your entertainment lineup based on what your top players have enjoyed online – not what your talent buyer wants to sell you.  Use the knowledge you collect to choose the PERFECT player incentive gift.  Forget about being stuck with a pallet of left over cookware because someone made a bad decision.

Advanced targeting

We mentioned earlier that you target your current players.  Segment these groups by worth, frequency, demographics, psychographics etc.  You can segment down to a single individual!

What we didn’t mention was the ability to find NEW players.  We have the ability to take your current list of players, (segmented anyway you want) and then find NEW individuals that match your current players’ traits.  This is a much more efficient way of finding new, high value customers.  Individuals with a propensity to enjoy gaming share similar characteristics.  We can find these new players – without the cost and inefficiency of a traditional advertising campaign.


We have the ability to re-market to folks that have visited your website.  For instance, say a visitor stops by your website and checks out a page promoting an entertainer at your venue.  The next time they stop by Facebook they will see an advertisement highlighting that specific artist.  Re-targeting can boost ad response up to 400 percent. (

Calculate Social ROI

You understand the power of social networks, but now you have to convince your CEO or CFO.   Now we can correlate gaming statistics with social media usage.   You can deliver ads or offers that are exclusive to Facebook and measure the incremental revenue.  We can append your gaming data with online statistics to demonstrate the correlation between the two.  We can even analyze increased trips as they correlate to additional online interaction with your casino.  Data suggests that a positive interaction with a brand online encourages brand loyalty.

Monthly Management

We also handle daily management, engagement / posts, reputation management as well as amazing social contests and promotions. Give us 60 days and we’ll increase your engagement and reach by at least 20%.  We have been managing casino social media accounts for over 10 years now.  We speak the language of gaming.  We understand the need for immediate response, especially when there is a service issue.  We have several positive case studies we would be glad to share.

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