Your email list is your most prized possession. Effective email marketing allows you to spend less money and time, while increasing engagement and visits from your guests.

Email Marketing Strategies for Casinos

Through email marketing you can opt for various communication strategies such as:


Long considered the most traditional of strategies these are expected to increase emotional behavior when introducing a new promotion or amenity.  (e.g. special hotel room rate)


This type of campaign has the goal of strengthening your customers’ relationship with your brand or property.  (e.g. discounts, coupons, free play offers)


These campaigns are utilized for distributing information to your guests.  This strategy is even more effective when you begin to segment your list into interests and affinities.

We provide

  • Strategy – practical help for you to take advantage of every opportunity and decrease any risk.
  • Design – we build and design responsive emails that appear beautifully on any device.
  • Automation – integrations with the all of the latest marketing automation systems.
  • Deployment – a full range of 3rd party services tailored for your situation.
  • List Services – including email appends, data cleanup, segmentation and more!