Comp Management System

Boost your host team’s productivity

Stop wasting time manually tracking player requests. Edge Logic is a simple-to-use platform for Player Development staff to log guests’ comp requests and event invites in a secure, centralized location. As requests are made, management can approve or deny the requests while monitoring and managing their comp inventory for each event.

No more forgetting to follow up!

When hosts log in, they see a to-do list customized just for them. Edge Logic tells your hosts which of their players they need to confirm comp requests or invites with. Never miss a high-value player again!

Modernize your player party RSVPs

The RSVP feature allows Player Development managers to upload lists of eligible players. Your players can then respond to your hosts directly from your casino’s website in a streamlined process utilizing the Edge Logic API.

Make host calls more efficient

Hosts can save the time needed to call guests. Call only the guests who haven’t rsvp’d.

How you benefit

  • Track and approve comp requests easily
  • Save your hosts time and increase their efficiency
  • Eliminate the threat of accidental data loss from using makeshift shared documents
  • Evaluate your team’s efforts and host performance with actual data

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