Many business owners had heard the term “SEO.”  Many others know that it is is important to help their website get found among the millions of other sites. What may be difficult is to wrap your head around the average pricing for such services.  Years ago you could trick or “game” google with little gimmicks.  Those days are over.  Today you need a complete plan with a comprehensive strategy.  A good SEO company should be developing content, speeding up load times, improving user experience and of course the fun tech stuff on the back end.  Links are still important, but don’t go buying links from Malaysia to try and increase the ranking of your Tucson used car dealership.  Recently Hubspot released the results  from a survey of 750 SEO agencies revealing the average monthly retainer cost :

Most of the agencies charge between $2500 and $5000 a month.  With the second most common number being up to $2500 a month.  This might seem like a large number for SEO.  What does it cost to place one billboard in a decent size market?  I can tell you I used to pay between 2-3k per billboard.  How many people see your website?  If you are working on your SEO, millions of people can see your site.  Are you investing in your marketing or just buying advertising.

Banner ads and Pay Per Click programs are advertising.  SEO on the other hand is marketing.   Marketing is the marathon.