You no longer have an option whether or not to use Social Media. Your only choice is how WELL you’re going to use Social Media. A Facebook post reaches a whopping 75% of its potential engagement in the first five hours.


Save the shotgun approach for outdated media; we use lasers to place our ads.  We offer precision programs that target your players by value and customer interests.  Reach only the people you want without wasting a nickel. Determine the most effective advertising channels and save money on your media buys!


Real-time conversations with your players increase your levels of customer service while reducing your marketing expenses. Give us 60 days and we’ll increase your engagement and reach by at least 20%.


Are you the victim of a jealous competitor or disgruntled ex-employee? Are their slanderous comments or reviews being found online – when searching for your casino? Our reputation management services tame those negative comments and reviews. Real time alerts to notify you immediately when your brand is mentioned online.


Learn about your players’ interests and preferences by data mining their social media accounts.  Use real data to plan your promotions and entertainment.


Through contesting and custom designed promotions you can quickly build followers and brand advocates. Our team will develop a specialized program based on your goals.  We offer full support for a wide range of promotions from simple drawings to user generated content promotions. Clients have seen increases in followers jump 82% in just one week!