How important are your Facebook Fans?  It’s a question we get asked often.  Many of our clients are investing valuable resources in  growing their social media presence.

Finally, here is some data to back up the value of social media.  Two large data science organizations spent over 4 years collecting data for a large grocery store chain.  (YetiData and Collective Bias.)  The brand studied had over 150,000 fans, so it was an excellent data set.  Similar to a casino, this grocery chain had an excellent customer data program via their loyalty and discount card system.

So what did they find?

  • Facebook fans of the store purchased 35% more items annually.
  • Fans that interacted with their page a minimum of 10 times spent at least $1000 annually!  This accounted for more than a 95% jump!
  • Fans that engaged more than 10 times with the store’s Facebook page also visited the property forty times more annually than a typical customer!
  • Facebook fans spent almost 50% more than a non-fan over the 4 year study.

Check out the study for yourself right here.

Okay – so you’re saying that’s great news, but….

“How do I know if MY social media program is adding to the gaming bottom line?”  That’s something we can help you with.  House Edge Digital can analyze your social media program and append the gaming value of each of your fans.  We can help you focus on the activities that are linked directly to increased gaming.  You can also eliminate the online marketing that is NOT helping your gaming revenue, saving you thousands!

We want to help you market smarter!