Written by:
James Christensen

If you’re talking about new website trends to casino operators you can almost see the grief in their eyes. While vendors tell them they should check out a new tool or design, rarely does it equate to extra profit on the floor. However, casinos should not ignore the new opportunities when it comes to personalized web content. The biggest names in the online world, Amazon, Ebay, Netflix etc. have been doing this for several years. Targeting customers based on their previous experiences, purchases etc. are not new in the eCommerce world. However, until recently using these types of personalization methods took very large budgets and a giant team of developers.

House Edge Digital has changed the rules. Now you can afford to take advantage of website personalization. We can change the user experience of a web site (content, text, images, CTA) through Artificial Intelligence. Is the visitor from out of town? Are they a member of the player’s club? What type of games do they prefer? What type of entertainment is their favorite? All of these elements can be adjusted automatically based on the visitor to the site.

There are several reasons you want to do this including:

1. More Revenue
If you give your gaming customer the content they want to see at the right time, you’re much likelier to get a visit out of them. You wouldn’t sell a bikini to a woman in Anchorage AK, why are you showing your slot players a big poker promotion? Sadly most casino websites are static right now. This forces your customer to look for the content they are most interested in. You’re making them work to find what interests them. House Edge Digital can record what each visitor lingers on and prioritize the content for their next visit. People spend more with companies that focus their messages and offerings to suit visitor’s specific interests.

2. Keep your Customers Happy
We all know that one guy. The guy that constantly wants to tell you about what’s going on in his life even though you’re not really interested. You’re a good friend so you listen to his stories about taking the car to the shop, or his trials and tribulations at the DMV. Eventually you’d rather just not hear from him if you know it’s always going to a story about him.

The same thing happens with a website. If you’re constantly trying to share content that doesn’t appeal to a visitor will they come back? Sure they might like your casino sometimes, but we want them to make another trip, or another 2 trips. Statistics tell us that 74% of online visitors become frustrated with websites when the content (i.e. offers & promotions) have nothing to do with their interests. If a big country music fan visits your website why are you highlighting the Celine Dion concert? If the visitor is a local, do you think you should bombard them with multi-day hotel offers? (maybe – but probably not.) Your website does not have to be that annoying friend! Give your visitors the content they want to know about.

3. Time Savings
You may not have a dedicated website team. In many cases someone in marketing is tasked to update the site with current content in addition to their other 5 or 6 duties. Ever had an outdated promotion stay up on your site past the run time? How about an entertainment piece that is up AFTER the concert? Nothing ruins a good experience like seeing a Fourth of July dining special sometime in August. With dynamic content you can set up all your promotions to appear based on trigger criteria and pre-set dates. You never have to worry about “rushing to update the site.”

Trends come and go. Dynamic content isn’t a trend anymore than variable data printing was a trend. It’s a more focused way to reach your gamers when they visit your website. Consumers are savvy, and getting more savvy by the day. With House Edge Digital making this technology affordable how long can you wait to implement it?

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