It all comes down to numbers. There are 327 million mobile phone users in the U.S. (CTIA) and 90% have handsets that can access the Internet (comScore, Gartner).

Your customers might not be able to find your business; those that do may waste time trying to get to the information or services they need. That kind of poor experience won’t win new customers and may alienate existing ones. Mobile visitors currently account for over 11% of our web traffic. If you could gain just 10% more customers how would that affect your bottom line?

I wrote thadownloadt little blurb all the way back in 2012….and then continued to write about the importance of mobile traffic for your casino.

Article X, Article Y, and wrote a piece back in April when Google announced that mobile readiness would indeed be a factor in their search rankings.

You can imagine our surprise when last week Casino Journal magazine announced that they JUST went responsive.  We could take the low road and say I told you so, but that really isn’t our style.  We’d rather you take this little bit of info and consider your own site.  Is it mobile ready according to Google?  Use this tool to check.

If you still think that mobile users don’t go to casino sites, let me share some data from one of our own casino clients. They have over 51% their traffic comes from tablets and mobile devices.

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