If a client asked me one thing to remember about social media it would be the above. All too often casinos think that Facebook or Twitter is another great place to put their print ads. It’s a big mistake and one that we continue to see all too often.

Then what is social media? It’s a conversation. Like a conversation it can take a few twists and turns along the way. But just like a conversation, you don’t try and Sell Sell Sell! No one talks to their friends and continuously tries to sell them a product. (Unless of course your best friend happens to be an Amway salesperson.) What do you talk about with your friends?
• What’s happening in the community
• Tips and advice
• Things they might find interesting
• You answer questions they might have etc.

This is a simple concept, but can easily be forgotten. Guy Kawasaki, former chief brand evangelist for Apple, has said recently that out of 10 posts at the MOST 1 should have a sales message.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples we’ve personally worked on.

A good friend of ours accepted the Marketing Director Position at a large casino. Unfortunately, they had neglected their social media for months. He brought us in because he knew we’d set up a strategy and execution that would correlate to higher revenue numbers. (Yes we can track social interactions with gaming dollars – but that’s for another article.)
So starting Oct. 1, 2014 we were allowed to manage their social accounts according to what our tests and previous case studies had taught us. The results were very positive as you can see below.

screen shot of when we controlled social media
While some folks are still hung up on ‘likes’,  we’re far more interested in comments, shares and impressions. These are actions that take more effort than a single click. Regardless, we saw amazing growth in all areas.
Then, as often happens in the casino marketing world, top management changed, and a new Marketing Director took over. This new director, with the best of intentions, was convinced that we should be merely posting their print ads on their FB page. Not surprisingly the results were dramatic and immediate.

screenshot-Current to when ads started
We unfortunately parted ways with the client after several months of declining customer participation.  All that had changed was that we were told to post nothing but their advertisements.  Your fans are not naive.  They quickly learn that you’re just trying to sell them your buffet.

Not all is lost though.  Another client of ours brought us on to manage their social accounts on Feb. 1st.  As part of the agreement they agreed to our suggestions. Below are the results.  While 5000% growth in impressions is uncharacteristic it IS possible if you follow best practices.

Jena screen shot

One final note.  Everything can be measured.   If you’re not currently measuring your results start today!