It sounds a little harsh to call this a marketing fail.  However, in today’s market you can’t afford not to market in the smartest way possible.  So from time to time (far too often in my opinion) I’ll come across companies that could have done things differently to save money and earn more customers.

This is me .


I haven’t had any hair on my head for close to 20 years now.  I’ll pretend it’s because of my huge quantity of testosterone, but really it’s probably a genetic defect.

My LEAST favorite interest is sports.  I don’t really enjoy any sports.  Call me anti-american, make fun of my masculinity, whatever I just don’t care about sports.

So what do I get in my mailbox this week?  A direct mail piece from Sport Clips?

Sport Clips Fail

If they were using Smart Email from House Edge Digital they would have had access to my Social Media interests.  Instantly they would have known I belong to several “bald men” groups.  I also belong to a group that discusses our dislike of sports.  However, I’m fairly certain they used the old method of buying a list within a zip code or region and just blasted out this full color printed piece to everyone.  I’m going to guess that with postage and printing this thing cost them at least $1.75.  It was completely wasted on me!  For the same price they could have personalized to fans of certain sports, included a local a team or mascot – just to name a few better ideas.

Are you still marketing to Zipcode and not an customer?  It’s time to step up your game (to reference my only sports analogy.)  If Sport Clips really wanted me to be a “Lifelong Fan” they wouldn’t have sent this DM piece to my house.

How does this relate to casino marketing?  Well are you sending out DM pieces for your concerts and events that have no relevancy to your players?   Are you giving them content they really want to see?  If not…you’re not better than Sport Clips.  Try our Smart Email service today.