Why You Should Be Using Artificial Intelligence Emails

Written by:James Christensen

House Edge Digital focuses on Casino Marketing. With that said we’re always looking for a better way to market casinos. Years ago we started developing a new way to personalize your communication to players. Artificial Intelligence¬†or aka Real Time Marketing is already being used to by the biggest names in online marketing (e.g. Ebay, Amazon etc.) So now it’s time that the gaming world caught up.

Why should you be using Dynamic Email? First this is not just Variable Data. This is each email being customized for each player including content, voice etc; not just a name and an address.

You already have an email list. if you don’t, shame on you. It’s still the cheapest way to reach your customers. However, consumers consider 97 percent of all email as spam. Why? Because it’s not personal to them!

Players want to see information relevant to themselves..not just EVERY player. Every person is different and ever player is different. Until now this was a challenging and labor intensive process. However, House Edge Digital has introduced our Smart Email product that eliminates all of the headaches with Artificial Intelligence aka Dynamic Personalization..

When your player visits your website the site starts collecting data about what the player does online. (without any effort from the player or the casino.) The more the player visits the website, the more you start to learn about the player. (this is all automatic without surveys etc) Our Smart Email product builds a profile on each of your players.

When you’re ready to send out a new email you know which content sections should go to each player. Do they love entertainment? Slot machines? The Buffet? You have a limited amount of real estate to share, why not show your players that YOU know what they want to see?

Engagement levels rise dramatically when the content is based what that individual player wants to see. It’s easier than you might think to get started. Drop us a line today.