Memorial Day Madness sa

I didn’t expect to be writing about missed opportunities so often.  However, they keep showing up in my Mailbox.  Let’s take a look at this one and see how it relates to similar problems in Casino Marketing.   This isn’t all that rare.  It’s a car dealership pushing out a memorial day sale/promotion.  Most of us have seen the plastic keys stuck to a DM piece.  The idea is that you take the key into the dealer and see if it opens some lock box full of something you want.  Yay…I think this promotion in some sort of fashion has been going on since padlocks and car dealers got together.

Issued #1 It came in my Mail on the Tuesday after Memorial Day??  This is also an issue with delivering physical mail pieces.  When will they drop?  Can you count on that date the printer gives you?  Well clearly in this case you can’t.  So who knows how many thousands of dollars they wasted on people like me that got this “limited time offer” past the window of opportunity.

Issues #2 I don’t particularly like Dodges.  Now if they were only a Dodge dealer I’d say well..heck they don’t have much choice right?  Well unless they sent this piece to all million folks within my metro area they did have a choice.  By using our Smart Email we could have selected only those people with a “like” or interest in Dodge through our social media tool.  Thereby making the prize that much more exciting..and response rates would have gone up.  We all have a stubborn uncle that lives and breathes Chevys.  Send him this direct mail piece and you’ve wasted another 2-3 bucks.

Issue #3 The runner up prizes.


Again if they had used our Smart Email each recipient of this offer would have prized tailored to THEIR interests.  I’m an Android fanboy.  While I would take an IPAD to resell it, a quick glance at my 360 profile would tell you I would much rather have a Nexus 10.  The same thing with the model car.  If this piece was going out to families with 2 or more kids wouldn’t it make more sense to give away a family vehicle?  Here’s the thing – Marketing Smarter does not cost you ANY more money. It costs you LESS!!!  Use a product like our Smart Email and give customers information they WANT…not what you THINK they want.