This is a sign I saw while driving into the office. It reminded me about how many casinos could benefit from hiring a firm that specializes in casinos.

You hired a CFO with a background in gaming. You hired a CMO with a background in gaming. But you still have your friend’s cousin working on your website? Sure, he can get a website online. But then again anyone (barring legal issues) could buy a slot machine and open a casino right?

It’s the same thing with digital marketing. Many agencies and individuals could do the bare minimum. On the other hand House Edge Digital focuses solely on being the best in the gaming industry. We only offer a handful of services, but we’re the very best at what we do.

There’s a whole new world of tools available to you with digital marketing. If you’re still using a traditional agency for your digital needs, see what you’ve been missing. Contact House Edge Digital today and learn how we can increase your bottom line!