For the last couple of years we’ve seen quite a few companies introduce what is considered to be a player portal.  The gaming customer logs into to a different website, enters ANOTHER password and then has access to their point totals and offers.  This seemed like a good solution at the time, but there is a better way for the customer to get the information they want, with a lot less effort.


               We call our solution – The Player Email Account Gateway

Connecting the Player to their points and offers securely and easily!


  • Players want to know their current point totals.
  • Players want to know the current offers available to them as loyal guests.
  • Casinos want players to aspire to reach the next players club tier level.
  • Casinos want to increase the redemption rates of offers supplied to their players.
  • Casinos need customers to either make another visit or increase their spend per visit.

How it works

  • When a player visits your casino website they will see a large button on the page.
  • The button would be designed with “Check My Account” or “My Account” text and an inviting call to action.
  • When the player clicks on the button they will be brought to a menu page.
    • The Player then selects the information they want (e.g. Points, Offers) from a menu.
    • Enters their email address and Player Club #
    • Clicks “Submit”
  • A custom formatted email is then sent to the player that includes all of their requested information.
  • On this same page will be an “update my information” area where the players can submit any changes they might have to their account. When the player submits their request an email containing the changes will be sent to casino employee responsible for updating their account internally.


The House Edge Digital Advantage

  • We relieve the gaming property of the burden of dealing with security issues related to a traditional portal.
  • Our system requires no additional logins or passwords for your customers to remember.
  • Considerably less expensive than a “portal” system while providing more functionality.
  • Our system can collect survey information subtly or overtly depending on your goals.
  • The automatic system reminds players of their expiring offers without requiring them to log in to a website. Emails are sent to players automatically that are in danger of losing their benefits.
  • The triggered email system can be customized in dozens of ways and personalized for each player.
  • Our experience with sending over 3.2 million emails has enabled us to fine tune our delivery methods.


Execution and Testing

  • Similar systems have been working flawlessly for years in the variable printing world. Combined their technology with ours to create this new hybrid solution.
  • The system has been tested extensively for the last several years.
  • While many examples have been built and tested we still offer full customization depending on individual properties’ preferences.



Our System vs. Portals                        Our Solution                           Traditional Player Portal

Relieves the casino of the security concerns of being connected to the player database.           X
50% to a 40% of the price ofA player portal             X
Requires players to log in to check player points and remember another password.                                  X
Automatically sends player’s point totals via their email            X
Requires players to manually fill out surveys to get feedback                                 X
Automatically collects playerpreferences            X
Automatically sends out emails based on key player data like birthdays, anniversaries etc.           X
An email can be sent automatically when a player is close to reaching the next club tier level.           X
Automatically reminds playersWhen they have offers about to expire           X
Allows players to reply directlyTo their casino host from an email.          X
Reduced load times for the website because the player data is not being queried by the    website.          X
All requests can be made fromMobile devices without having the expense of developing a native app.          X
Learn which players prefer to get their offers via email saving thousand on traditional paper printing costs.           X