Most of us like to get things that are tailored for us.  I visit a tailor, you might have custom shoes made – it doesn’t have to be that extravagant to be effective.  There are a few ways you can collect information on your players.

  1. You could be using a player portal on your website that includes surveys
  2. You could be using old school physical surveys at your players’ club
  3. You could even be using one of our Edge Logic websites that collects players’ interests automatically through our proprietary social media link.

The point is – you have the technology to gather more information on your players.  According to a recent study Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates, and yet 70% of companies still fail to use them.

If you’re not signing up players to your email list right now stop reading this.  Immediately go and contact a web company that can build that feature into your website.  We’re going to pretend you’re already doing this.  Some of our customers are getting as many as 100 new emails a week through their website.

Let’s look at a few ways personalizing your emails could mean the difference in your bottom line.


  1. Customer Retention – We all know that it is much cheaper to retain a good player than it is to recruit a new one,  Your competition is not standing still.  Your best players are going to continue to receive more and more email each day.  Open rates for email are declining dramatically.  One way to fight this declining open rate is to start segmenting your players into distinct groups and sent them exclusive offers or discounts applicable to their interests.

2.  You’re probably already rewarding your top players with direct mail offers.  Try using email – see what the redemption rate is vs. the hard mailer.  The results may surprise you.


3.  Create a sense of urgency.  Most casinos have entertainment of some kind that is ticketed.  Instead of just telling your players that an event is coming up.  Use some actual numbers

If they make the event look popular to create a sense of urgency. 2016-04-03 14-42-39








4. Promote an amenity that your player has never used before.  There is the chance that they just don’t care for that outlet or spa, but maybe they just don’t know enough about it.  Send a group

of players that have never visited the steak house a little more info on what makes it special.   Or explain to them all of the things the Players’ Club can do for them.


There are literally hundreds of ways you can segment your email list.  If there’s a topical news item in a certain zip code – send an email to that segment.  If there is a group of folks in love with a certain musical artist coming to your venue – make sure you segment that out.

In Summary    Generic emails are getting lost in the shuffle.   You need to start sending out cool, personalized messages that make your guests feel like they really are guests and not just another name on a list.